What is different about Mexican Insurance?


The Mexican Insurance law states that the insurance policies from other countries are not acceptable within their area. This law particularly affects the auto insurance policies. Mexican Insurance laws advice you to get your car insured by any local insurer that has been licensed by the government to provide coverage in Mexico.

Mexican Insurance is based on liability only and you can choose from three types of plans- basic coverage, standard coverage, and extended coverage. If you are planning on staying for a day or two, you must choose basic coverage. If you are planning on staying for a week or two, standard coverage will suit you better. But if you are going to stay for a month or even more, then you must definitely go for extended coverage as it provides all the required facilities.

The insurance in Mexico gives you coverage from liability, provides assistance during travel, covers your medical bills, provides medical assistance, covers the cases of theft, collision or partial theft and provides coverage for United States repair if you are a citizen of the US. Obviously, all the facilities depend on the kind of coverage you choose. You get the basic facilities in the basic coverage while you get all of them in the extended coverage. You must choose according to the number of days you are going to stay and also the kind of car you own.

In addition to the Mexican Insurance, you can also go for Progressive Advantage Mexico insurance provided by some insurers.car-insurance